Tuesday, January 15, 2008


VW developed the "hand, foot, and mouth" virus. It is a lot like the chicken pox, except the blisters don't itch and are usually found on the hand, foot and mouth of the child. So, becuase it is so contageous we have been stuck at home since the 10th (going on day six). It is getting difficult but the kids have thankfully been pretty good. I believe I have gone more crazy than the kids. I have cleaned out and organized 9 closet-underbed-behindcouch spaces, as well as lots of work for my parents, also lots of reading to the kids, playing in their room, running with them outside in the rain (and puddles) until their hands were so red from the cold and their clothes were soaked up to their legs. I have also made dinner every night. We have a lot of leftovers. And started projects I've been meaning to start, like this blog. I am just praying that RJ doesn't get the virus too!

Like I said the kids have been good, I have taken some fun pictures of them, and some good video. So, I thought I'd share some from our days of confinement.

This is a really blurry picture of VW's blisters (I am holding his hand open while taking the picture). On this hand he had 10 very big blisters. It was the worst spot on his body.

As you can see, the living room is a very messy play room (I think the blanket was a fort).

The kids love popcorn. Yeserday VW said "More, Popcorn." Actually is sounded more like "mo--pop" But I count it, he's in the game! (saying two words together is supposed to come by 24 mos)

VW figured out how fun it is to drive his cars down the slide on RJ's bed. He can't even talk, yet he knows what's fun.

RJ put her feet on her cheeks today and asked me, "Mom, am I funny?"

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