Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wellness Fair

The kids and I went to a wellness fair. We saw the Easter Bunny, fire trucks, ambulences and a police car inside and out. We also went to lots of booths where we learned about safety and eating healthy. The kids got lots of stickers, buttons, stamps, bubbles, crayons...etc. Vaughn and Reina were both really excited to see the Easter Bunny. Vaughn kept saying, "Hi!" and waving. We also found out that Reina has a cavity. Uh, oh. No more letting Reina brush her teeth herself.

Vaughn was really scared of the big teddy bear in the streatcher. He wouldn't even walk by it for a picture.

I have been trying to get a picure of Vaughn with a baby for a long time. He loves babies so much. A little too much sometimes. My friend's baby, Henry, was so patient and happy, while Vaughn got in his face and crawled over him, and patted his head. Henry was a good sport.

What would I do without them?

Reina likes to do funny things and then tells me to take her picture.

Here is another one. Reina emptied her bookshelf and then asked for a picture.

Vaughn likes to carry socks around. I can't do laundry while he is awake. He'll toss them around like scarves, and shake them in front of our faces, and then lose them.

He is still such a small guy in a big world.


We had a big wonderful breakfast followed by easter egg hunting at the church. It was so fun, the only sad part was Ben couldn't come, as he was working. Vaughn couldn't quite figure it out. And Reina was able to do all her finding all by herself this year. Needless to say, the kids didn't get a lot of candy, they weren't agressive or quick enough. But it was perfect! After we got the easter eggs we went back into the gym where the kids ate most of their candy, and I tossed the rest.


There is a neat museum that the kids like to visit. They have fun activities for the kids to do, but mostly they like to play with the play dough.

Vaughn is very involved.

I couldn't even get Reina to look up.

Afterward we went out to Pizza, yum. Vaughn liked the food so much he kept stealing my slices of pizza. See that rascaly grin? My eye looks a little funny beucase I got pink eye. It only lasted a few days, and thankfully the kids didn't get it.

Free Weekend

The weekend before I went to Georgia for Steve's wedding, Ben's parents watched the kids! It was really wonderful. We played, hiked, cooked, went out to eat, went to a movie...and just laughed together. It was so nice. Here are some pictures from our hike behind Multnomah Falls.

Ben, or squirrel?

I am not as brave as I used to be. A few years ago I would have walked all the way across.

One of our many, many self portraits. You're just lucky we're not kissing!

Haircut first, then fun

Vaughn got a haircut and then while I was cleaning up he decided that he'd entertain himself. I didn't notice until he was covered in dirt.