Friday, May 16, 2008

Reina, my Joy

Reina is just growing up. She says things like: "what is the solution to our problem?" And she'll do things on her own initiative. Every morning she gets up, goes potty, gets a shirt and pants on (which accounts for a lot of funny combinations), and asks, "what are we doing today?" She still has things to learn, though.

The other day Vaughn threw all his dinner on the floor. I was tired, and coming down with a cold. I said, "oh, I'll just pick it up later." Well, Reina got up from her seat, got out the broom and dust pan and swept up the mess, and threw it away! I didn't even know she could do something like that! She was so proud of herself, and I was happy for the rest of the day.

In February we discovered a cavity. I was really shocked (especially since she'd just been to the dentist in November) until I talked to several moms who had similar things happen with their kids. But, to be on the safe side, I explained to Reina that eating too much candy would give her more cavities. Since then she has been cured from asking for candy! An hourly request before. What a blessing! And she has a shiny silver tooth, a hit for visitors and friends.

Reina is also having lots of fun playing by herself, making up songs, and conversations. She's doing EXCELLENT with letters and writing. She's been writing her name for about a month now, and she'll write words like HAT, or CAR. It's pretty exciting. We're excited for all her new stages, and grateful we have such a happy, and fun daughter.

Mom, I'm ready to go to the beach!


New aprons, custom made by my wonderful mother! We love them.

Can I have a puppy? I want a puppy, just like this one.

Waiting for friends to come.

Ever since we went to my brothers wedding (last December) every white dress is a wedding dress "just like Adrienne's." This girl has a memory you wouldn't believe.

My girl

On mothers day, Reina claimed everything that I recieved, especially the card she made me, the candy for my card, and the cookie for me. It was fun sharing. This was a card from Ben's parent's, she wouldn't let it go.

The Silver Tooth


Her favorite place: the park.

Mr. VW

Despite Ben's fear that Vaughn will never speak, Vaughn does quite well, in his own way. He points, jabbers all the time, pulls us around, and uses lots of words, his favorites are: water, juice, bear, dog, bird, flower, blanket, binkie, diaper, shoe, car...and many, many more. He loves being outside. For my birthday I bought new boots for myself (from the kids, how thoughtful), and Vaughn was so excited about them, I had to get some for him too (Reina already has a pair). The morning after my birthday I woke up to Vaughn thowing his boots on my head saying, "boots, walk." It was 6 am. At least they weren't dirty yet.

He also loves to listen to music, but doesn't really like my singing (or maybe he just doesn't like being sung to). Yesterday in the car we were listening to Enya turned way up (ya, we get really crazy) the car hit a bump and the CD stopped for a few seconds. Vaughn let out a huge, "NOOOOO!" He thought I'd turned it off. I think he just likes quality.

He love to play with cars, and sometimes two cars can keep him ocupied for most of churh. Vaughn is also really good about going to bed, often when he's ready for a nap or ready for bed, he'll take Ben or I by the hand, ask for his binkie, and then lead us to his bed where we put a blanket around him, and moments later he's asleep. It's really wonderful (as you can imagine). One of the more wonderful things about our buddy is that he is so active, and yet can also be very calm. He loves to cuddle, read books about animals and cars, and sit on our laps. Following are some of the best and most recent pics of Vaughn.

Where's Vaughn?

Daddy's Helper

Cute Legs

Mopping is Tough to Do (especially with these heels)

Daddy Love

Finally SPRING!

I moved all the kid's stuffed animals, and as soon as Vaughn noticed it he climbed right up and started to play with them all. He loves stuffed animals, espcially bears.

Squirrel waching

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Friends

The kids are growing up so quickly, (I know everyone says that, but it's true!) and are doing and saying new things every day. They love each other so much, and spend all their waking hours together. If ever I separate them for different activities, they miss each other. Reina has alredy been teaching Vaughn games to play with her, their favorite is hide and seek. Reina hides and Vaughn counts, "two, two, two, two." He's a pretty good finder, and always remembers an old hiding place. Reina is good at telling Vaughn what to do and when he's doing something right or wrong. The other day she told me that "Vaughn is a very sweet boy." They keep each other happy in the car, and Reina will spend forever telling Vaughn "Vaughn, say 'apple,' now say 'bookcase' now say 'dinosoar' etc etc. Vaughn always repeats her. Here are pictures of the two together.

We don't get enough time outside, here are my kids between downpoars, watching the birds and the cars.

They STILL even sleep together. Reina likes it more than Vaughn. Last night Vaughn was making a huge fuss in his room (it's about 8:30pm). Ben went in to calm him down, he patted Vaughn, whispered to him, and then noticed a very large moving blanket at the bottom of the bed. I guess their co-sleeping only works if Vaughn falls asleep first.

...and of couse, a favorite, watching cartoons together.

It's daddy tickle time...

...and the intensity goes up a notch.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ben and I took the kids and Ben's cousin downtown, we had lots of fun and it was beautiful, as you can see.

I have to mention how manly Ben is for carrying my purse. He's my hero.