Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Friends

The kids are growing up so quickly, (I know everyone says that, but it's true!) and are doing and saying new things every day. They love each other so much, and spend all their waking hours together. If ever I separate them for different activities, they miss each other. Reina has alredy been teaching Vaughn games to play with her, their favorite is hide and seek. Reina hides and Vaughn counts, "two, two, two, two." He's a pretty good finder, and always remembers an old hiding place. Reina is good at telling Vaughn what to do and when he's doing something right or wrong. The other day she told me that "Vaughn is a very sweet boy." They keep each other happy in the car, and Reina will spend forever telling Vaughn "Vaughn, say 'apple,' now say 'bookcase' now say 'dinosoar' etc etc. Vaughn always repeats her. Here are pictures of the two together.

We don't get enough time outside, here are my kids between downpoars, watching the birds and the cars.

They STILL even sleep together. Reina likes it more than Vaughn. Last night Vaughn was making a huge fuss in his room (it's about 8:30pm). Ben went in to calm him down, he patted Vaughn, whispered to him, and then noticed a very large moving blanket at the bottom of the bed. I guess their co-sleeping only works if Vaughn falls asleep first.

...and of couse, a favorite, watching cartoons together.

It's daddy tickle time...

...and the intensity goes up a notch.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

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