Friday, May 16, 2008

Reina, my Joy

Reina is just growing up. She says things like: "what is the solution to our problem?" And she'll do things on her own initiative. Every morning she gets up, goes potty, gets a shirt and pants on (which accounts for a lot of funny combinations), and asks, "what are we doing today?" She still has things to learn, though.

The other day Vaughn threw all his dinner on the floor. I was tired, and coming down with a cold. I said, "oh, I'll just pick it up later." Well, Reina got up from her seat, got out the broom and dust pan and swept up the mess, and threw it away! I didn't even know she could do something like that! She was so proud of herself, and I was happy for the rest of the day.

In February we discovered a cavity. I was really shocked (especially since she'd just been to the dentist in November) until I talked to several moms who had similar things happen with their kids. But, to be on the safe side, I explained to Reina that eating too much candy would give her more cavities. Since then she has been cured from asking for candy! An hourly request before. What a blessing! And she has a shiny silver tooth, a hit for visitors and friends.

Reina is also having lots of fun playing by herself, making up songs, and conversations. She's doing EXCELLENT with letters and writing. She's been writing her name for about a month now, and she'll write words like HAT, or CAR. It's pretty exciting. We're excited for all her new stages, and grateful we have such a happy, and fun daughter.

Mom, I'm ready to go to the beach!


New aprons, custom made by my wonderful mother! We love them.

Can I have a puppy? I want a puppy, just like this one.

Waiting for friends to come.

Ever since we went to my brothers wedding (last December) every white dress is a wedding dress "just like Adrienne's." This girl has a memory you wouldn't believe.

My girl

On mothers day, Reina claimed everything that I recieved, especially the card she made me, the candy for my card, and the cookie for me. It was fun sharing. This was a card from Ben's parent's, she wouldn't let it go.

The Silver Tooth


Her favorite place: the park.


Tanner Family Blog said...

Such Cute Pictures!!! I love the stage that Reina's at because they can do so many things, but they still need "mom!"

Stephanie said...

Reina looks so grown up and beautiful. I miss her! She is such a good girl. It sounds like she's going to have Ben's memory talent! HURRAY! Miss you all, Love Steph and the rest of the McKellars

The Mathews Four said...

Oh what a sweet little post about your sweet little girl! I love those pictures. Jillian, it's so clear that you are enjoying this time with your kids. I love it!

The Mathews Four said...

Annebel and I were just looking at the Reina pictures and Annebel said, "No, we can't go see Reina today. Let's go tomorrow. Yeah, that'd be fun!"

Don't you just wish we could get them together more often. *sigh*...

AJ said...

She's growing up fast! And getting cuter every day.

Brandon and Melissa Brawley said...

Hey Jillian it's Melissa I just saw that you had a blog! I can't believe how much you look more and more like your mom by the way (very good thing!) You little family! It's crazy because I have never seen Reina and Vaughn! They are so cute and you guys look so happy together! Hope me and Brandon get to come to the family reunion this year and see everyone!

Julie said...

Somehow I missed this last blog until today when I caught up on all the kids. I am glad that I just got to spend some time with Reina because otherwise these pictures would be too hard for a far away grandma to see. I miss you all so much already!

The Mathews Four said...

I hear that congratulations are in order. (And I'm sorry you're sick... blech.)