Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wellness Fair

The kids and I went to a wellness fair. We saw the Easter Bunny, fire trucks, ambulences and a police car inside and out. We also went to lots of booths where we learned about safety and eating healthy. The kids got lots of stickers, buttons, stamps, bubbles, crayons...etc. Vaughn and Reina were both really excited to see the Easter Bunny. Vaughn kept saying, "Hi!" and waving. We also found out that Reina has a cavity. Uh, oh. No more letting Reina brush her teeth herself.

Vaughn was really scared of the big teddy bear in the streatcher. He wouldn't even walk by it for a picture.

I have been trying to get a picure of Vaughn with a baby for a long time. He loves babies so much. A little too much sometimes. My friend's baby, Henry, was so patient and happy, while Vaughn got in his face and crawled over him, and patted his head. Henry was a good sport.


K Family said...

I LOVE IT when babies love on each other! Oh, and I would be pretty scared too if I saw a bear strapped to a strecher. I sympathize. ;)

Tanner Family Blog said...

I am so happy to know about your blog. It was super fun to see you today!