Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sleep. Will they ever learn?

The kids are still fighting bed time. They've been sleeping in the same room for about six months, but just a few weeks ago Vaughn learned to climb OUT of his crib but not back IN. Now what? Instead of going in his room every five minutes to put him back in bed, we decided to put him through early graduation to a real toddler bed! This is early compared to Reina, who didn't switch until she was almost three. The change ended up being good timing as Reina kept sneaking into Vaughns crib to sleep with him. I think that she secretly misses her crib, and she has never really adjusted to sleeping in a bed. Who knows?

Vaughn is doing very, very well. He loves his "bear" bed, and actually anything bear. He carries around Winnie the Pooh, and another stuffed animal my sister bought him for Christmas, and sleeps with them at night. The only problem is that now he can get out of bed. We had to start shutting the door again, which made Reina flip out. We decided to let her fall asleep in our room until Vaughn adjusted. After a few weeks we put Reina back in her room, and convinced her to let us shut the door.

It's going all right, if you count Reina yelling everything that Vaughn does, "mom, Vaughn keeps gettig out of bed!" "Mom, Vaughn is getting in MY bed again!" "Mom, Vaughn is knocking on the door." "Mom, Vaughn isn't going to sleep." The other day I thought things were going really well. At least it was quiet. I walked by the room and noticed the light was on. I peeked in and Reina was up on the changing table, the room was covered with all their toys, and Vaughn was handing Reina any thing she wanted from the floor.

Here are some sleeping pictures. As well as one with Reina and her friends playing her favorite, Noah's Ark, on Vaughn's bear bed.

This picture was taken after one of Reina's escapes into our room. We didn't realize she was there until we went to bed. It doesn't look very comfortable. But definitely preferable to her own bed, of course.

Vaughn still loves Reina's bed best, as a car racer. He drops the cars and yells hoping someone picks them up for him. If no one comes after a while he'll climb down and get them himself. And do it all again.

This is a pictures of Vaughn's favorite things. His bear, his binkie, an extra binkie that he presses against his eye when he's tired, as the next picture shows, and his daddy's shoe.

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