Friday, February 8, 2008

What to do when there's nothing to do...

We've been very creative. Reina also likes to bake cookies with mom (I think she really just likes to eat the cookie dough), paint, color, and draw. She drew her first face just last week in her journal. It was indecipherable. Reina is also wearing four headbands, she likes to get dressed and do her hair herself.

Vaughn loves his picture taken. He's attaking the camera in this picture.

The kids are really good and playing together, and for some reason the laundry basket is so full of fun: it's a fort, a carrier for toys, a stand for jumping off, and of course a mode of transportation.

Reina took swimming lessons twice a week for a month, she loved it; she's a water baby. We have some great video too.

And of course when there's nothing better to do...

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The Mathews Four said...

Yay I'm the first person to comment on your blog! And yaaaayyyy you guys have a blog! Annebel and Shelby Dawn are going to love seeing Reina's cute little face. We are so happy you started it so when we do get to see you we won't be playing catch up!

Your family looks so happy and J you are such a good mommy. We'll keep in touch!