Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catching Up--A Quick Review

We have done some fun things during May and July (June I was a tired and sick person), I don't even have one picture from June. I'll just put in a few pictures with the highlighted events.

The Oregon Zoo brought dinosoars to their zoo, it was really fun, and the kids loved it. I didn't get a good picture of the T-rex. But he was pretty scary, and had a loud roar. There was a section with fog that the kids were scared to walk throug, but it looked so cool I made Vaughn sit in the stroller right in the middle.

Beautiful Oregon Coast
You can't get much more beautiful than the ocean. I love it.

Vaughn is crab watching

For a few weeks I got ambitous, I got chore charts, scheduling with the kids, morning time routines...and then I got mysteriously tired and sick.

Temple in BLOOM
A good friend took some pictures of us at the temple. We dodged the spring rain, and had a wonderful hour or so walking around in the warm spring.

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