Friday, August 22, 2008


What do you think of when you think of July celebrations? Blueberry picking, of course! We had a great time picking cherries and blueberries, the kids did great, Vaughn did especially well, and was very particular about picking only the BLUE ones. He likes to do things right. Reina, of course, ate more than she picked and just had a great time being with everyone and keeping us entertained while we all picked.

And of course, the 4th of July, at the Oregon Gardens was true cause for celebration. The kids got their "faces" painted for the first time. Vaughn got his arm painted with a bug--and Reina got a flower and a butterfly. The fireworks were amazing, and the finale one of the best I've ever seen.

July wouldn't have been half the celebration it was without all the family we got to see! Leti started the month off with a bang, followed closely by all my siblings, and my parents. For three days my parents took Reina to the coast with them, it was so nice having some one on one time with Vaughn. Vaughn asked for Reina twice and then didn't mention it for the rest of her trip. When anyone asked him where she was he would say "Ellie" (my parents dog). Yes, Reina had a blast with Ellie, too.

We also went out for an adult dinner, all my siblings, spouses, and my grandma together for the first time since Thomas' wedding! It was so great.

Lastly, Vaughn had his second haircut, and surprise! His hair is still very curly.


Amanda and Steve said...

I love, love, love Vaughn's curly hair! And I loved seeing your entire family together. I hope I get to meet your and Alaina's husbands someday.

Keith, Tricia & Penny said...

I've decided that all your smiles belong on toothpaste commercials. You all have the brightest, most contagious smiles!